A Successful End to the 8th SSC


The 8th Saudi Students Conference was held on the 31st January and 1st February, 2015 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. This year’s host institution was Imperial College London, supporting the development of the conference programme and its academic oversight in collaboration with the sponsor University, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology.

Imperial College London’s President Alice Gast, who also serves on KAUST’s board of directors delivered the Welcome speech, (Watch Video)

Prof. Alice Gast (President of Imperial College London)


KAUST’s President Jean Lou Chameau delivered the Keynote speech (Watch Video).

Prof. Jean – Lou Chameau, (President of KAUST)


On the second day of the conference, Dr Najah Ashry, Vice President for Saudi Initiatives at KAUST addressed Young Saudi Researchers, (Watch Video)

Dr. Najah Ashry (KAUST)

Dr. Ashry’s speech was followed by Dr. Julian Jones, Professor of Biomaterials at Imperial College London who spoke about “Advanced Materials for Regenerative Medicine”. (Watch Video).

Prof. Julian Jones


Dr. Abdulaziz Al Wasil Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. (Watch Video).

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Wasil Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London


Mr Nadhmi Alnasr who is the Executive Vice President, Administration and Finance at KAUST also spoke at the closing ceremony.(Watch Video).

Mr Nadhmi Alnasr, the Executive Vice President, Administration and Finance at KAUST


The Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB) in London, with its remits of sponsoring and managing Saudi students during their studies in the UK, provided the essential logistics support that guarantees the success of the conference.

Watch the Video of the Cultural Attaché Dr Faisal Abaalkhail’s speech.

Dr Faisal Abaalkhail, Cultural Attaché at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, London


Previous Saudi Students Conferences have attracted vast numbers of students and this year’s conference brought together more than 1,200 Saudi postgraduates to exchange ideas, present and debate in front of leading scholars from Imperial and other UK universities. 

A total of 118 accepted academic papers and 612 poster abstracts from a total of 1300 were presented by the students, and for many of them the event provided their first experience of showcasing their work at an academic conference.  View the best papers here, the best presentations here, and the best posters here.

The academic papers and posters covered six subject streams: Medical and Health Sciences; Engineering and Applied Sciences; Natural Sciences; Law and Management Studies; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Arts. 


Saudi postgraduates underwent a rigorous peer review process, led by Professor Neil Alford, Vice Dean at the Faculty of Engineering, who worked with Imperial and KAUST academic and student colleagues. Professor Alford said: “The conference was a huge success.  My colleague Jean Frechet at KAUST and I were responsible for the scientific programme and we were delighted that the papers submitted were very high quality, indeed and the posters on display also presented some very interesting results. The presentations were easily equal to what one might expect in a major international conference. The students did a fantastic job organising the whole thing and are to be congratulated.”

Professor Gast, who is Imperial College London President said in her opening address: “To have assembled over 100 papers and over 600 posters shows the extraordinary range of talent in the Saudi UK student community. From artificial intelligence, to finance, to cultural studies, the topics covered at this conference consider some of the greatest challenges facing global society. I hope the conference will inspire you to continue your work and develop your insights and projects into innovations to benefit society.” She applauded the Saudi students as risk takers exploring new intellectual and cultural horizons in the furtherance of knowledge and expanding understanding.

Professor Jean-Lou Chameau, President of KAUST, on his part congratulated the “students for investing in their academic journey and looks forward to their passion, talent and ideas contributing to new knowledge and solutions to important world problems—they are truly Saudi Arabia’s greatest asset.”