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About the Saudi Student Conference

The Saudi Student Conference is a unique event highlighting the ground-breaking work and accomplishments of Saudi students at all levels of study at universities throughout the UK. The talented participants represent potential future thinkers, leaders, innovators and scientists, for Saudi Arabia and for the world. This Conference serves as a key forum in which their significant work is communicated and acknowledged.

The conference brings together these top students to stimulate discussion and develop interest in a wide spectrum of research fields in the Arts and Sciences. Embracing international standards of excellence, the papers and posters selected for participation in the Conference represent some of the most innovative work currently being done in ‘Medicine & Medical Sciences’, ‘Engineering & Computer Science’, ‘Natural Sciences’, ‘Legal Studies & Management Sciences’, ‘Humanities & Social Sciences’ and ‘Media & Arts’. The flagship two-day forum will showcase research achievements in these disciplines and fields, accompanied by a number of parallel activities to encourage networking and exchange of ideas.

The 9th Saudi Student Conference (13 -14 February, 2016) is sponsored by Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia and hosted by University of Birmingham in the UK. It is organized by the Scientific Society for Saudi Students in the UK with the collaboration of the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in London.